vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

A Corps level test - the late afternoon

Battle map, situation at 15.00 hours.

The Confederate reserve artillery moved up to support Beaumont’s anticipated attack but further movement was stalled by a dismal pip roll for Major General Windsor. This  bought needed time for MG Andrews to extricate the 11th Division and bring the 10th Division to a better position.

Battle map, situation at 16.00 hours

"It’s not over until the fat lady sings!"

Poor staff work or lack of communication between command and division let an opportunity to punish the Federal army slip by. General Wheeler’s cavalry brigade did keep pace with the Federal cavalry moving north, but divisions Beaumont and Claiborne remained content keeping the enemy occupied with long range artillery fire.

Map two, supplied by the Random Map Generator coughed up a line of dense and light woods straddling the turnpike. The 10th and 11th Divisions, now united were now moving toward that line of woods.

Battle map, situation at 17.00 hours

MG Andrews was content with his line of defense; dense woods protected both flanks and three divisions were now covering a two mile front.
Federal officers noted only the flags and glint of bayonets of Claiborne’s division were in pursuit. Small arms fire had subsided for a while, but that would be replaced by the sound of axes and spades transforming the line of woods into a fortified line of abatis and breastworks.

Battle map, situation at 18.00 hours

Working in rotation, half the units formed line while the remainder were at work felling trees or digging shallow trenches. Beaumont’s troops, seen through field glasses, were now deploying a mile away. 

Between the two lines dotted with small farms and fields was a perfect killing ground.

Four more hours until sunset. 


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