maandag 4 augustus 2014

A Corps level test - early evening

Battle map, situation at 19.00 hours
MG Windsor conferences with Claiborne and Beaumont to be ready for an advance as soon as Anderson’s division is in place. Wheeler’s cavalry brigade find tracks and firebreaks enabling them to skirt around the Federal lines. The Federal 1st Cavalry brigade move to counter a possible threat.

Battle map, situation at 20.00 hours.
Anderson moves into position on the right flank, while across the meadows and fields behind the 10th Division the 11th are constructing secondary works further to the north.

 Battle map, situation at 21.00 hours.

Both Claiborne and Beaumont well rested and fed, now move off toward the darkening line of trees. The reserve artillery have been placed on the right to support Claiborne’s assault.  With luck, the guns will have pounded the Federal position before Claiborne’s troops come in rifle range. 

Battle ! 

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