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A Corps level test - Anderson's pursuit.

Battle map move at 13.00 hours

Confederate divisions, labeled as A (Anderson), B (Beaumont) and C (Claiborne) are in close proximity to the Federal front. Anderson has now engaged the 11th Division while far to the west, Claiborne and Wheeler’s cavalry are turning the Federal lines.  

Anderson moves on
Having mauled Gordon’s 10th Division, General Anderson moved toward the sound of the guns in a north-westerly direction. It did not take long to confront a second Federal division deployed and ready for a fight.

The terrain was very similar to what they had left; grassy plain with a horizon broken by low hills and two brigades were silhouetted in line formation with a third placed behind in support. In response, rebel troops formed one long line with the weakened brigade on the left, veterans in center the third on the right supported by the artillery.

Anderson’s right-hand brigade moved off at a brisk pace while the center brigade wheeled to their left. At the right moment, the third brigade would move from the cover of the hill to add their weight of fire supporting the veteran brigade.
The Federal line, divided in two wings had the veteran brigade and the artillery on the right with the two less experienced brigades in successive lines. The first line met the rebel volley fire. With the loss of a unit in that exchange, the Federal brigade began to waver.  

For a period of time (3 bounds) it seemed both sides were content to a fire fight, even the demoralized Federal troops on the left, held.

At 14.45 hours, the battle opened up with both sides seeing an opportunity for a decisive stroke. The Federal brigade finally bolted, but the line was held by the second line filling the gap. The Rebel brigade facing them now felt the toil of the day and crumbled in turn. The left Anderson with two brigades to finish the job.

Seeing the right-brigade retreat, Anderson pulled the artillery out and moved his two remaining brigades forward. Shooting as they moved forward, the plan reaped its harvest nearly destroying the veteran brigade, leaving one unit standing. The 11th Division had enough and began a hasty retreat. 

Next post, events elsewhere. 

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