zaterdag 26 juli 2014

A Corps level test - Anderson encounters Gordon’s 10th Division.

General Anderson found Gordon’s troops deployed atop the rolling hills. With no noticeable terrain features that would impede an assault, Anderson moved all three brigades into line formation. His veteran brigade would support the lead brigade in assaulting the Union right wing while the artillery would pound their left. The third brigade positioned themselves behind the artillery and would counter any attack by Union troops in their sector.

(situation at 11.00 hours)

As Rebel forces moved forward, the Union battery could fire unmolested as they could not be seen by Rebel artillery. With volley fire and artillery shot, half the Rebel line recoiled from the hail of lead. Gordon’s veteran brigade were moving on the artillery battery and if possible to hinder the main Rebel attack.

(situation at 11.45 hours)

The next two bounds the Rebels moved forward in rushes; half the brigade moving forward and giving covering fire, the other half moving further forward up the slope. This worked well as supporting fire took its toll and the Union brigade began to waver. The melee on the subsequent bound took further casualties forcing Gordon to make a crucial decision, stand and fight or retreat.

On the Union left flank, the Rebel battery limbered up and moved behind the hill. Unseen by Federal troops, one regiment deployed skirmishers to extend the waiting line further. During the move forward, elements of the Union brigade could give fire on Rebel troops not covered by the hill.

(situation at 12.00 hours)

In an engagement lasting only an hour, General Anderson dealt Gordon a mighty blow (4 – 1) and would need time to recover. Taking a brief respite to organize themselves, Anderson would pursue the disorganized 10th as they would surely lead him toward the main army. 

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