woensdag 10 april 2013

The Cossacks are coming

My order from OG15s arrived and I quickly split the order into three painting batches. This took nearly six weeks to process and deliver, but I should preface this by stating this order was not usual.

It is not generally known, but OG15s can deliver individually ordered items. I lacked 44 riders for OG horses, so ordered the appropriate number of Cossacks, Cuirassiers, Lancers and Cheveauleger riders plus a host of foot figures. These apparently must be cast or handled in another fashion as the order took a long time.

They arrived and that is the important part.

The photo shows the first batch; Cossacks and Pavlov Grenadiers. The Cossacks represent number 2 and 4 regiment of Don Cossacks and four elements of irregular Cossacks. 

The Don Cossacks look very smart and business like while the irregulars are a mix of clothed and armed figures; definitely a contrast. The three elements of Pavlov Grenadiers fit well in their overcoats with the I Corps troops.

These should be done by tomorrow.

Second batch are the Opolochenie, Russian Cuirassiers and Lancers. 

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