vrijdag 12 april 2013

Additional Russian units

The last three units are now done. These are 4 cohorts of the Saint Petersburg Opolochenie, the converged Cuirassier regiment and the double strength Polish Uhlan regiment.

Painting these took less time than researching online their uniform details. With three different sources I was able to piece together the uniform for the Polish Uhlan regiment; most of this being text than illustrations. The converged Cuirassier regiment represented three different regiments and I decided to keep things simple and plump for a generic paint job; in place of three different uniforms, I chose one.

The Opolochenie were a breeze to do, but the challenge was to add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise mundane colour scheme; grey.

I like the poses for them and though classed as militia, they did sterling work at the Second Battle of Polotsk.

In total, 18 elements are added to Wittgenstein’s 1st corp. Next step will take care of additional units for Oudinot’s II Corps, namely St. Cyr’s Bavarian corps (VI). 


2 opmerkingen:

Phil zei

Nice looking figures...

Timurilank zei

The Old Glory 15s do have character.

The Bavarian infantry have four or five poses in a pack plus some "special" figure; one marching figure, bareheaded and holding his helmet at his side.

Quite nice.