woensdag 27 maart 2013

Re-building a SYW Austrian Army - Grenzers

The Grenzers have to be the most colourful of all the Austrian units. Totally white, red or blue some units would mix different coloured coats of brown, blue, over breeches of green or light blue.

Lightly kitted, they would move and fight in the traditional manner as they did against the Ottomans along the frontier. In the DBA-HX variant, they are based as Skirmishers or Ps.

In this photo, you can see four regiments receiving their labels, each regiment of four elements. In addition to these sixteen I have another four to add.

Originally, four battalions of 24 figures each, the second photo shows the leftover quantity. The artillery are earmarked for other armies, but what do you do with 64 Grenzers? 

A surprising solution presented itself.

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