dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Re-building a SYW Austrian Army – the cavalry

I mentioned in an earlier post, under the WRG rules, our cavalry regiments were 18 to 24 figures strong. A great deal of re-painting effort was saved as Austrian Cuirassier regiments are nearly identical. Trimming along the shabraque edge and a black or red collar was all that needed attention. Those figures which carried standards, I let remain as these regiments were present at Prague.

The Dragoons however, were more work as the regiments present at Prague wore for the most part blue coats. Mine had green, red and white. Each regiment had distinct features, different coloured breeches, facings and shabraque trim, so this kept the project interesting constantly referring to my tightly written notes.

All elements are labelled and those extra cuirassier and dragoon elements will now form the relief army that would meet Fredrich at the Battle of Kolin, six weeks later.

The Hussars in the foreground are the six regiments present at Prague. In the background are three regiments which were part of the relief column under Daun.
Like the Dragoons, the Hussar regiments are colourful. Unlike the heavy cavalry, the Hussars did not carry their standards in the field, but remained in storage at their respective depots.

The weather is hinting at spring today. Perhaps, if it remains unchanged I can take pictures of both collections in battle array.


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