donderdag 14 maart 2013

Marching along - Prussian musketeers

Before adding regimental details and painting minor changes, I made a list with all the uniform details per regiment. It would be easy to make mistakes and paint the wrong details if it were not for the list.

Looking at the flags for each, I selected the ones that would offer a nice contrast to the ones already done. I will need to paint ten more, so gathering the information for uniform distinctions I added flag details for those carrying them

Photo 1
This shows the regiments completed at the end of day one. Before stopping, I added a label to the underside to help identify the correct regiments to have a flag and later to group them together by historical order of battle.

Photo 2
Work for the following day. After the musketeers are completed, I will start with 12 elements of fusiliers followed by 12 elements of grenadiers.

If you do not already know, the best online source for uniforms, Prussian or other nations, can be found at

Tomorrow, I will finish the last of the musketeers and make a start on the fusiliers.

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