woensdag 13 maart 2013

Building a SYW Prussian Army

Two months ago, I posted photos of re-based SYW Prussians and Austrians. Now that all the figures are re-based and flocked comes the hard task of organizing each army. 
Looking at the DBA-HX lists the following for their SYW Prussian army:

123 Prussian, 1750-1805.
0-2x4Ms (grenadiers/guard),

This is a fine start, but looking focusing on the SYW period I would make the following adjustments.

The grenadiers were present in greater number than is suggested here. For every two musketeer element, there should be one grenadier. During the early phase of the war the combined grenadier companies were taken from the serving musketeer battalions and garrison battalions, too.

Operating from interior lines, Fredrick frequently used his mobile corps of grenadiers, cuirassiers and hussars to move between threatened areas.

The option for 2Jg does not justify the use of such historically small numbers. A better option would offer Frei Korps (2Sk) who were present in greater number. The 2Jg would be useful for Kleine Krieg scenarios.

Looking at the cavalry, the proportions are good, but Prussian Hussars should be classed as Cv. The reforms after the Second Silesian war (Warnery) improved the training of Hussars to the status of battlefield cavalry.

Lastly, Frederick’s opponents amassed greater number of guns,  but invariably the King prevailed by having sufficient reserves, including battalion guns ready for use.

So a suggested revision for the list (1757-1763) might look like this:

1-3x4Ms (grenadiers/guard),
0-1x4Ms/2Sk, (Frei Korps)
1-4x3Cv, (inclusive Hussars)
0-1xArt. (massed battery)

Historical representation.
I have selected for my Prussians the regiments present at Prague 1757. This was the largest army Fredrich ever assembled for a battle and provides an ample list for my collection to duplicate. 

The photos show just the musketeers grouped by regiment, each of two elements. The next task is to re-paint the details defining the various regiments. Some changes will be minor; adding lapel or collars in the facing colour or give colour to breeches and waistcoat other than white. 

The process will be repeated for grenadiers, fusiliers and all the cavalry, but I do have ample elements for Prague. 

Total, 13 Kn, 8 Cv, 10 Cv (Hussar), 20 Grenadier, 53 Ms, 18 Ms (Fusiliers), 2 Sk (Frei Korps), 8 Cn, 13 Art = 145 elements excl. Generals

During the week, I shall post a progress report with photos. Hopefully, by this weekend the reorganization should be complete that I can begin the Austrian reorganization. 


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