maandag 12 juli 2010

Jungle vegetation

Last year I had made quite a number of palm trees based together with long grass and other plastic leaf pieces. I still have a lot of palm trees, but also bags of leafy vegetation waiting for use. I found mine during the Christmas period as the shelves at most Garden shops or plastic flower section at hobby shops are full of them.

Small Wreath

These wreaths which come in various diameters and leaf types. Fixed to a plastic ring in clusters, the leaf sections can be easily separated from the ring or swapped with other leaf shapes. You will discover with one wreath, you have quite a stock and I had two of these.

Small pieces layed out

I decided one quick way to use a lot of these was to make clusters of vegetation that can be scattered about the wooded areas to complete the tropical look on your table. These would also come useful as backdrop for your photo shots.


The construction followed the same method as my palisades; triplex pieces cut in oval shapes with trimmed and sanded edges. I had thought about purchasing a hot glue gun, but as the leaf sections need not stand straight I used a standard two part adhesive glue.

Broad leafed pieces

I cut the leaf sections in half and laid them out on top of the bases to see how much would be needed. With two sorts of leaves I did not require that much, but the effect as you will see late is nice.

Clustered on one base

After both sorts were glued to their bases, I laid white glue on the base and covered this with sand. Following the same procedure as the palisades, the bases were given a wash of GW Scorched Earth mixed with some Codex Grey and later sparsely covered with electrostatic grass.

Ground work - complete

For all our games, we use large sheets of vinyl to define the area of built-up areas, woods or rough ground and scatter trees or shrubs’ to identify the terrain piece. As our skills building terrain improved, so did the quality of representation become better. As the weather improves, I shall add extra photos to this posting using all the pieces constructed to date for a tropical setting. All this green now begs a large primate.

Next posting: Fantasy comes to the 18th Century Sojourn

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paintpig zei

They are very impressive pieces of scenery, you put a lot more effort into yours than I have mine with the mixing and matching of plant types. A great number of the plastic plants I have been using come from aquarium supplies stores, I will need to keep my eyes open and look around next time my wife drags me out shoppig

Timurilank zei

I think you will find the plastic wreaths good value for your money and during a recent trip to the Garden Centre, the variety of leaf types have been increased. I am still working with materials collected five years ago. Just finished some hedges for my agraian setting. Tutorial and photos to follow.