dinsdag 6 april 2010

Another regiment of white coats

To be honest, I had not planned another regiment of Austrians, but was experimenting with converting French SYW fusiliers to “Atlanteans” for the Archipelago Ameri-go. The idea had been scrapped due to the impracticality of converting so many figures. So my search continues, but I have now inherited another pack of SYW line and French as well. Giving this some thought, as I did not need more French, I decided to equip an Austrian regiment with the coat hanging loose or no turnbacks. Everything else would be painted as per standard Austrian line or in this case an Italian regiment. All infantry are in assaulting positions which is a nice change from the universal march attack pose and ideal for two battalions of ruffians.

It took two days, but the regiment of Italians are now done and after the basing, I shall paint up flags. Having recently finished another Italian regiment, Pallavicini with an older standard as per the Rochling painting, I selected the second flag illustrated, the one with red/ white chequered border surrounding a yellow ochre field with a double headed eagle. The colonel’s flag most likely would have the same border on a white field but with the Madonna figure centered. A recent discussion at The Miniatures Page of Austro-Hungarian flags offered some tempting replacement of the Madonna.

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