dinsdag 16 maart 2010

An older model flag

Following the discussions we had about Austrian standards at TMP, I decided to follow a similar solution to an otherwise bland collection by letting my Pallavicini retain their older style flags of the 1740 period. As mentioned in Duffy’s book, The Army of Maria Theresa, prior to the changes, the fields were coloured uniformly within the regiment, whether yellow, green, red, or red-white-red. After the Succession war, many of the flags would be replaced as a consequence of the newer edicts with the well known yellow field with double headed eagle. I would like to think my regiment retained theirs.

For the older model, a fine illustration of the varied colours can be seen in the painting by Carl Rochling, the Battle of Hohenfriedberg, June 4, 1745.

Battle of Hohenfriedberg, Carl Rochling


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