dinsdag 23 februari 2010

The Llaneros

The irregular cavalry known as Llaneros are done and I thought I would devote today’s posting around the “Mongols” of the Audencia of Caracas. The Llanos is the plains area of modern day Venezuela and comprises nearly half of the land mass. A tall wild grass grown in the area gives an impression of a green desert. Unfortunately, during the rainy season, the hard ground offers no way to absorb the water, the entire area is mostly flooded. A very hostile area that is home to a fierce and hard folk.

Living in the saddle like their Asian counterparts, they herded cattle from sparse pasture to pasture. Largely blacks (runaway slaves), Indian or mestizo they were subject to no one but their own leaders.
It was in the following century that one leader was able to weld the Llaneros into a fierce fighting force that consistently troubled Simon Bolivar’s campaign in Venezuela.

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