woensdag 14 oktober 2009

Schwerin receives news of delay

On the 25th, with no sign of the enemy other than their scouts, Konigseck rested a further day and issued orders for the following morning to abandon Jung Bunzlau. The bridges over the Elbe would be spared. A resourceful Konigseck informed his chief of Engineers’ to save the powder for Prague as the bridges were mostly built from stone, however, all supplies not moved would be collected on the bridges and burned in the morning.

Later that afternoon, scouts reported the Prussians were a half days march from Jung Bunzlau. Konigseck was ready.

Bevern had anticipated crossing the Elbe at Jung Bunzlau might pose a problem, so with Schwerin’s concurrence he sent a reinforced column under Malachowsky to seize the bridges at Melnik further down river.

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