woensdag 14 oktober 2009

End of Phase One – an assessment.

This was a great start to our three part campaign. Movement each day specified a march, an encampment and a rest phase. The only limitation set, after three march phases we were obligated to rest a complete day. Whether your marched three days consecutively, or forced marched (counted as two march phases or even marched during the night was entirely up to the each player. This flexibility helped the Austrians escape a possible encirclement by Schwerin’s column.

With twice the strength opposing Konigseck, there was not much that could be done to stop the tidal wave of Prussian blue. Malachowsky capturing the crossings at Melnik effectively negated the temporary closure of the Elbe crossings at Jung Bunzlau.

At Reichenberg, the Austrians did well, but could not remain on the field. Delaying the two Prussian columns from meeting on the 24th helped save needed supplies which were transferred to Prague; a plus for Konigseck. Nonetheless, Bevern and Schwerin were able to recapture lost time and approach the environs of Prague one day ahead of schedule; a plus for Bevern and Schwerin.

Next week, we begin phase two of our campaign, which covers the six week period between the Battles of Prague and Kolin.


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