zondag 30 augustus 2009


1. The battlefield was created using the Random Map Generator located in the Nice Links column to the right. Adjusting the selection for 6 columns by 4 rows, we instantly had a map for our battle. As you can see, there are five types of terrain that can be generated. On our map, we set two roads down with them meeting between two sets of woods at the western end of the table.

2. The time of day was set at 13.00 hours, which would complete the march from Friedland to Reichenberg. Using the weather and time of day from another WRG rules set, we determined our spring day was clear and sunset would fall 18.00 hours. Sun dazzle would occur an hour earlier.

3. While the table was completely laid out, we still used the tactical map to move the Prussians from column to a battle line as space permitted. The Prussian order of march was determined prior to the battle as were the Austrian hidden positions. On the map, the Austrian positions in the woods were revealed when the Prussians moved to an adjacent occupied square (500 paces). This saved much unnecessary movement as we were moving troops on the table that were on the threshold of combat and those outside of combat range were tracked on the map, thus saving time. The strength of the brigades maneuvering on the map remained unknown until they were placed on the table, however we did know if they were cavalry or infantry.

4. I have downloaded Inkscape, but I am still trying to get a handle on suitable patterns for woods and hills. Unfortunately, wrong turns on Inkscape will automatically close the program, so hopefully, by next battle I shall have some pretty maps.

Next installment: The strategic impact of Reichenberg

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