vrijdag 24 april 2009


Since my ancients collections, I have always placed flags, banners or standards on units that would normally carry them. So first battalions would have the Colonel’s and Regimental flags and my second battalions would have two regimental flags with battalion number three, carrying only one regimental flag. Each squadron would carry a standard, with the first squadron holding the Colonel’s flag.

Since collecting the Prussians and later the French and British, I preferred painting an oversize flag (+/- 20mm x 25mm) to say the current, but smaller commercial types. For the Austrians, I would need 10 regimental flags with 2 Colonel’s flags and each squadron would also have its own standard. Aside from the oversize flag, I place flags for all my Generals and C-in-C.

I have a personal preference for oversize flags and since I hand paint these, the extra room helps. In addition, infantry Generals are recognizable with two foot officers in addition to the mounted general and cavalry Generals are commander and aide.

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