zondag 5 april 2009

First week

With the German and Hungarian battalions painted and varnished, I am preparing two battalions of Grenzers to be undercoated. The Grenzers are nice; five poses for the infantry and one officer type in cloak, plus the odd wounded figure. Since my Grenzers are skirmishing, I decided to use the wounded figure and save an infantry figure for something else.

Since collecting the SYW period, all my General officers are based with staff figures; Cavalry generals with one mounted aide and Infantry generals with two foot figures. I have now painted a C-in-C with four brigade generals, I thought why not add another for the smaller actions involving just the Grenzers. I remembered a cloaked mounted officer (always the mounted colonel with the British packs) and that would work well with the extra Grenzers.

What, no unpainted lead?

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