zaterdag 21 mei 2022

A Chinese Village

Hot on the heels of my last construction project (a medieval village), I began the construction of another, this time a Chinese village. Of the 146 DBA armies in the collection, not one is from an Asian country, however, among the gunpowder collection I own two; one Imperial and Chinese rebellion troops. 

The construction followed similar steps as with the medieval structures, however an extra session was needed for the decorative trimming, characteristic of Chinese architecture. To research the style of architecture, I divided my search between rural and city dwellings and found most did have a pronounced ridge on top with similar trimming along the gable. Not all displayed the upturned corners. The last link provided an in depth look at the hierarchy in roofs.

The research also found certain regions kept to certain colour schemes. This is useful to know, but as this project was one of pure fantasy, I selected a colour combination that was pleasing to me.

Useful links

AncientChinese Architecture, Mark Cartwright

AncientChinese Architecture, Kelly Pang

ChineseArchitecture, Kelly Pang

ChineseArchitecture – Traditions, Characteristics, Functions and Styles, Various Contributors.

Update 02-06-2022

Walls and an archway have been added to the village. The collection slowly expands to a town’s dimension with six additional buildings. Future plans include a few government buildings, an armoury, a magistrate’s office and customs office; all covered with blue tiles. Further, more houses for the interior and eventually a harbour setting with docks and warehouses.

The time needed to construct these pieces has been greatly reduced, however, drying time remains unchanged. The government buildings will add a bit of colour to the overall look.  

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