vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

BUA (Built Up Area) templates.

I had recently refurbished a number of older structures and constructed new ones for ancient and musket era use and as buildings are now individually based I needed to make some templates to define a BUA. These newer models now replace the older style {1} which had troops were crawling over them appearing as the aftermath of a drunken brawl.

The templates are primarily used for hamlets or villages and will define the area of ‘rough ground’ that troops will move through; buildings and trees can be moved aside to allow this. Under DBA 3.0 a BUA, as other terrain features, has a set maximum and minimum dimensions. In the first photo are four BUA templates of different sizes. These are cut from a flooring material which I use for all my terrain features, such as roads, rivers, hills, wood, gullies, and rough ground.

After painting and dry-brushing, I cover them sparingly with electrostatic grass leaving the interior exposed. Photo number two shows the completed templates with a road section added to show their similarity. 

Photo three shows a mid-sized template with houses and trees in position. The houses lack the final detailing, but are shown here to give an idea of scale. 

{1} Previous style constructed five years ago. Click here and scroll down. Please note, much of what you see in the photo has been replaced (upgraded) as of this year. 

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