zondag 14 mei 2017

An oasis.

In the past I have made several oasis, none of which are currently in my collection. These were eventually discarded as the palm trees and green were fixed to their bases made movement through them a problem and storing those required large boxes.   

I have standardised my terrain collection for DBA3 and to complete the ‘Dry’ category I needed to construct an oasis and dune. This time, I decided on a modular solution so palm trees are now fixed to separate and smaller bases which can easily be removed to allow troop movement. Both oasis and dune would eventually have a similar colour, therefore I cut three oval forms in progressively smaller sizes so these could be interchangeable as an oasis or dune.  

Palm trees are ‘cake decorations’ purchased from a Chinese manufacturer. The bases for these are just over 1BW. The palm trees were fixed to their bases using thick paper supports and covered with Milliput. I have used a glue gun in the past, but this method produced warping. The Milliput option added ‘weight’ to the piece which will not topple over during a game.

Both trunk and palm fronds were painted to reduce the glossy finish. The palm fronds were dry brushed yellow then later painted with a thin coat of mid-green. The palm tree base was covered with a mix of sand and white glue and painted to match the larger base. To complete the oasis, a water hole was cut to a similar size as the palm trees and painted dark blue with light blue highlights. The water’s edge was painted to match the large base and after this dried I added the green foliage.

Photo 1
Palm trees fixed to their bases.

Photo 2
Bases covered with Milliput.

Photo 3

The completed oasis.  

2 opmerkingen:

Phil zei

A beautiful oasis, and so useful for your troops!

Timurilank zei

Thank you for the kind word Phil.

I have just completed four new Middle Eastern armies, so the oasis will get some use soon. Perhaps Wednesday evening.