donderdag 13 april 2017

For Sale:: Woods and Village.


These are standard HO scale conifer trees painted black and flocked with a light green Woodland Scenics turf as the original tree had a very dark green shiny finish.

They are based on 1.5 mm basswood (triplex) which is painted and textured with a sand/white glue mix and painted an earth tone. The edges are flocked with electrostatic grass to match most game mats.

There are 75 trees based in groups of two, three or four to conform with your space and quick setup.

Cost $75.00

African Village.

The huts are roughly 25 mm round and about 40 mm high. The structure is made with cardstock and the roof is of self-hardening clay. The huts are based on 1.5 mm basswood (triplex), painted and covered with a sand/white glue mix as are the walls of the huts. 

Painted and dry-brushed the bases are covered with some electrostatic grass.
The palisade is constructed from hedge clippings and glued to bases of the same material and finished in the same manner.

Cost $50.00

Edit: The second photo has been added to show the size of the structures in relation to 15 mm Old Glory miniatures. 

Please send enquiries to timurilank (at) aol (dot) com and give location so I can send postage costs.



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