maandag 27 maart 2017

Restoring the French – nearing the finish line.

These units are placed in their approximate positions as in the ‘before’ photo of the last post. This gives a better impression to the amount of work added to each batch bringing them all up to the same level.

The final touch or ‘icing’ on the cake is to paint the pom-pom in its proper squadron or company colour. As you will note in the photo these at the moment are white and they will be painted as part of my ‘ultra’ last step, the tiny-and-really-not-so-noticeable details. The rules used, each stand represents a battalion and will display the colour pom-poms for their respective company.

Uniform colour is generally darker which sets off the campaign kit and belting much better. Equipment and belts are outlined which gives a neat appearance and considering my eyes are seventy years old and can manage a steady brush stroke I am pleased with the results so far.

The tricolour will be replaced with the lozenge design of the earlier period and I know the cavalry should not be carrying them in the field but it does separate the hussar from the chasseur units nicely.

Tomorrow I shall spend time photographing the entire collection in a camp setting and post them later in the week. This will serve as a photographic inventory of what units are completed and which must be ordered; off the top of my head these are Dragoons and combined grenadiers.

Photo shows two units of hussars and two of chasseurs a cheval, three units of Swiss, horse artillery and one unnamed commander of cavalry. 

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Phil zei

Very nicely done...

Timurilank zei


I had all the units and painted the pom-pom for all the infantry and cavalry.
Photo session planned for tomorrow.