maandag 9 januari 2017

Campaign rules

We created a campaign rule set for the ancient period which allowed us to add a historical texture to our DBA 3.0 battles. Simulating a campaign season players were confronted with supply and reinforcement problems in addition to bringing an opponent to fight on favourable ground. Examples of these campaigns have been posted to the “Storm Within the Empire” blog.

Those readers not acquainted with the ancient campaign system a quick summary here would be useful.

The map is an A4 size with and drawn with essential details such as river and mountain areas with areas marked off as provinces and the geographical description of each province was noted in DBA terms as arable, hilly, forest, etc. The months of the year bordered the left and right hand sides of the map.

Each month players would attempt to accumulate “activity points” through which a simple card system was devised. With activity points players could move, supply and reinforce armies and if needed, call up allies or employ stratagems.  

To expedite the revision of the ancient set for gunpowder use, I will begin tests with one of my favourite campaigns set during the period of Turenne.

The rule set we use for this era are the DBA-HX upgraded to 3.0 and can be downloaded from the DBA Fanaticus Wiki. These, total six pages and include period specific amendments for the Seven Years War, the Napoleonic conflicts and the early Victorian era.


Lithograph by Emile Lemaitre, Battle of Turckheim, XIX Century. 

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