woensdag 17 juni 2015

Battles with DBA-HX 3.0

I intend to post here a series of historically based battles using the revised DBA-HX with 3.0. These battles depart from the standard 12 element game and will offer players scenarios with unusual obstacles to overcome; these can simulate the difference in command quality or un-even troop numbers.

In some scenarios the time of day or weather will become just as important a factor as troop numbers or quality of command.

Starting with the late 17th century, Turenne’s campaign in Alsace, the series will touch on the German campaigns during the War of Spanish Succession, the Seven Years War campaigns in Germany and Bohemia, the Russian Campaign of 1812 in the north and a number of overseas conflicts in Africa, India and China of the mid-19th century.

The revised Horse and Musket set with 20 pages of army lists can be found at the Fanaticus Resource page titled Period Variants. DBA-HX 3.0  

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