woensdag 3 juni 2015

109 General Officers

Since the completion of the 3.0 upgrade of DBA-HX for the Horse and Musket era this February I had been slow to make the change for my general officers; from an element with other figures on the same base to a round base for the single general officer.

Most of the play testing group had made the change as a result of their DBN experiences, so I followed suit with a few generals for test purposes. To my chagrin, I enjoyed the flexibility to attach a General officer to any unit and a number of other advantages created with the rules upgrade.

My collection of Horse and Musket period armies now  based for DBA-HX 3.0 is very large and I am happy to say, all the general officers are re-based to the new system as of this week.

General Officers.

Seven Years War    = 32        Prussian, Austrian, French, Hannover and Allies.
Napoleonic era        = 16        Either Russian or French.
Spanish Succession = 19        French, Imperial, Prussian, British, Bavaria, Swedes and Russian.
Other 18th century = 28       Ottoman, India, Africa, Chinese, Jacobite, Spanish Colonial.
Other 19th century  = 8        Anglo-Sepoy, Pathan.
Late 17th century     = 6        French and Imperial.

With the exception of a small handful all general officers have flags attached to their base signifying nationality. This is necessary as during the 17th and the early 18th century, prescribed officer dress was not really set. One could easily be mistaken as the enemy.

I do not plan to open all my boxes to take photos of the generals, but below are some examples. 

Seven Years War

Hannover and Allies




There are a number of commander in chiefs that still retain their 40 mm square bases. This naturally sets them apart from the others and those pictured here are Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, Fredrich, King of Prussia and FM Count von Daun of Austria.

Camera is recharging, but I will post more photos tomorrow.

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