zaterdag 31 januari 2015

DBA-HX 3.0 Update

Early this month I requested assistance with play testing the upgrade of DBA-HX with version 3.0. 

I am pleased to report the variant rules are nearing their final stage and with the help of a dozen enthusiasts from around the world, the rules flow very well and have a good transition to each section covered; the War of the Spanish Succession, the Seven Years War, the Wars of Napoleon and the Early Victorian era.

With the rapid volume of suggestions and improvements to the rules we were able to close on the final stage such that work could begin with on the Army Lists. These will cover the same period of 1700 to 1850 as the rules and expand on the original work of Tony Barr of Humberside.

Naturally, to use this variant you will need DBA 3.0 as many rule items give page references to particular sections of the rule set. The general consensus for the Horse and Musket games; "it plays faster; they are not complex changes and still do not require the need for record keeping or tracking".  

When completed, the DBA-HX 3.0, 1700-1850 and the army lists will be available at the Fanaticus Resource page. 

Further, rule queries, battle reports or future army lists will be posted to the Fanaticus Forum section, DBA in the Age of Gunpowder.

The Civil War and other conflicts to the end of the century will be available as a separate rule set, DBA-HX 3.0, 1850-1900. 

With a short break and a call for additional testers, that part will begin testing in March.

Tomorrow, a battle report of the Early Victorian era between hordes of cavalry, sepoys, squares and horse artillery. 


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Cyril Walker zei

Good work. Can't wait to see the result.