woensdag 17 september 2014

Hemp bales

The uncoiled string in the background is of hemp. It is coarse and tightly wound, but with patience and weights you can straighten lengths of a meter or so. This was done for another project, but the material seemed ideally suited for hemp bales.

Each base (40 x 15) would hold two bales, so a section of at least 40mm would be clipped off. Before doing so, securing the rubber band at the 40mm mark, I spread the fiber and brushed watered down white glue on the interior strands. 

Closing this, I secured the roll with masking tape trimmed to a width of 15mm, then clipped a section off. Repeating the process, I had two “hemp bales”. 

The eight pieces or four bases would be enough for the two regiments that used them during the battle of Lexington.

Tomorrow, the detail, painting  and flock.

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