maandag 7 juli 2014

Confederate skirmishers

These are the last two packs of infantry.

The Confederates, like the Union figures in the background are based as skirmishers, 2 per base and other infantry units, 3 per base. In the background are the division command stands for the infantry. My command stands have a number of infantry types with a general officer and flag.

At the moment, skirmishers are integral to the regiment, but can be deployed during a bound. The extra skirmishers give the option to deploy the entire regiment in open order. Those units with three figures per base can represent smaller regiments in loose order formation. Possibilities enough.

From my reading, the Confederates were less likely to disband regiments than was the practice by the Union side.

These additions are ready for varnish.

Union skirmishers next.

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