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British in India - Irregular cavalry

Also known as Silladar cavalry, native troops were to provide their own horse and equipment. Although not intended as battlefield cavalry, they were useful for raids and reconnaissance. 

From the website British Empire:

As my collection is centered on the period up to 1845, Silladar cavalry became uniformed and were commanded by British officers. Uniforms are sketchy, but I have listed below a number of units I intend to add to the British-Indian army. 

Miniatures will be ordered from either the Blue Moon Sudan or Pathan list and with minor modification will serve as irregular cavalry.

From Mollo, the Indian Army:

Bengal Irregular Horse 1825 – 1857
Regulations covered no more than the basic uniform details:
1st polished steel helmet with blue pugri, yellow alkaluk, black sword belt with yellow decoration, red and yellow girdle, red pyjamas.
2nd green alkaluk laced with silver, red cummerbund, red pyjamas.
8th red turban, red alkaluk with blue facings and gold lace, scarlet and gold girdle, white breeches.
9th yellow turban with blue stripes, red alkaluk with yellow lace, blue cummerbund, black equipment, yellow pyjamas, red and yellow shabraque.

Bombay Irregular Cavalry
Poona Auxiliary Horse, red turban, dark green alkaluk with red facings, red cummerbund.
Scinde Irregular Horse, red turban, green alkaluk with red facings and red cummerbund.

From British Battles:


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