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British Contingent to Germany

The following lists show the gradual buildup of British forces to the Allied army in Germany. Information comes from Savory, His Britannic Majesty’s Army in Germany.

First British Contingent, disembarked at Emden on 3 August 1758.

Commander in Chief: Lieut.-General the Duke of Marlborough*
Lieut.-Generals: Lord George Sackeville, the Marguis of Granby
Major-Generals: Mostyn, Waldegrave.
Colonels (later Major-Generals) Kingsly, Elliot

Royal Horse Guards, the Blues
1st King’s Dragoon Guards
3rd Dragoon Guards
6th Inniskilling Dragoons
10th Dragoons
2nd Royal North Dragoons, the Greys

12th Foot (Napier’s)
20th Foot (Kingsley’s)
Royal Welsh Fusiliers (23rd Foot, Huske’s)
25th Foot (Home’s)
51st Foot (Brudenell’s)

The grenadier companies of each battalion formed a battalion under Maxwell.

* This is Charles Spencer, the 3rd Duke of Marlborough pictured here.

Lieut.-Generals: Lord George Sackeville, the Marguis of Granby

Colonel (later Major-General) Elliot

Second British Contingent, disembarked at Bremen during May and June of 1760.

Royal Dragoons (Conway’s)
5th Dragoon Guards (Mostyn’s)
7th Dragoons (Cope’s)
2nd Dragoon Guards (Waldegrave’s)

5th Foot (Hodgon’s)
11th Foot (Dockland’s)
33rd Foot (Griffin’s)
8th Foot (Barrington’s)
24th Foot (Conrwallis’s)
50th Foot (Carr’s)

The grenadier companies of the above listed battalions formed into a battalion under the command of Daulhatt, later Lennox and after him Walsh.

Later, July of 1760
88th Highlanders (Campbell’s)
15th Light Dragoons (Elliot’s)
7th Dragoon Guards (Honywood’s)
2nd Bn. Foot Guards
2nd Bn. Coldstream Guards
2nd Bn. Third Guards
Grenadiers of the Guards

Note: The 87th Highlanders (Keith's) arrived on the continent on 14 November 1759 and had seen action before the arrival of the second contingent. Both Highland battalions were grouped with the converged grenadier battalions of Maxwell and Lennox.  


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