dinsdag 7 mei 2013

His Britannic Majesty's Army in Germany - the British

From Kronoskaf.com the Battle of Vellinghausen, I am now able to organize elements in their historical groupings. In the next few days, correct details will be painted so each element will look correct and add a flag for the Guards brigade. 

Missing from the photos are the converged grenadier battalions of Welsh and Maxwell plus the Guards brigade.


 Lieutenant-General Prince von Anhalt's Corps 
            Major-General Elliot's Brigade 
            British 1st Royal Dragoons (2 sqns) under Conway 
            British 10th Mordaunt's Dragoons (2 sqns) 
            British 6th Inniskilling Dragoons (2 sqns) 

Lieutenant-General Howard's Corps 
            Major-General Cavendish's Brigade 
            British 11th Bocland's Foot (1 bn) 
            British 33rd Griffin's Foot (1 bn) 
            British 51st Brudenel's Foot (1 bn) 
            British 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers (1 bn) 
            Major-General Pembroke's Brigade behind the left wing 
            British Royal Horse Guards (3 sqns) aka "The Blues" 
            British 4th Regiment of Horse, or The Black Horse (2 sqns) under Honeywood 
            British 3rd Regiment of Horse (Carabiniers) (2 sqns) 
            Major-General Braun's Reserve Brigade 
            British Light Artillery 

 Lieutenant-General Conway's Corps 
            Major-General Caesar's Brigade 
            Converged Grenadiers of the British Guards (1 bn) 
            British II./1st Regiment of Foot Guards (1 bn) 
            British II./3rd Scots Regiment of Foot Guards (1 bn) 
            British II./2nd Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards (1 bn) 
            Major-General Townshend's Brigade 
            British 8th King's (1 bn) under Colonel Barrington 
            British 25th Edinburgh (1 bn) under Colonel Erskine 
            British 50th Carr's Foot (1 bn) 
            British 20th Kingsley's Foot (1 bn) 
            Major-General Douglas' Brigade 
            1st (The King's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards (3 sqns) 
            3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards (2 sqns) 
            2nd (The Queen's) Regiment of Dragoon Guards (2 sqns) 

Left wing 

Lieutenant-General Marquis of Granby's Corps, assisted by Lieutenant-General Waldegrave 
            Colonel Beckwith's Brigade 
            Welsh's Converged Grenadiers (1 bn) 
            Maxwell's Converged Grenadiers (1 bn) 
            Major-General Sandford's Brigade 
            5th Hodgson's Foot (1 bn) 
            24th Cornwallis' Foot (1 bn) 
            37th Stuart's Foot (1 bn)
            12th Napier's Foot (1 bn) 
            Colonel Beckwith's Brigade 
            88th Campbell's Highlanders (1 bn) 
            87th Keith's Highlanders (1 bn) 
            Harvey's Reserve Brigade 
            Scots Greys Dragoons (2 sqns) 
            11th Ancram's Dragoons (2 sqns) 
            7th Queen's Own Dragoons (2 sqns)

A photo of all three commands.


Next are the Hanoverian troops.

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