zondag 21 april 2013

Bavarians and Russians

This past weekend I had time to texture and flock the bases for the Bavarians and Russians.

The Russians
The Russians represent the additional troops that augmented I Corps Wittgenstein during the late summer. These are two Don Cossack regiments, a host of irregular Cossacks, the Pavlov Grenadiers, Polish Uhlans and the St. Petersburg Opolochenie.

These would all be present for the second Battle of Polotsk, in essence the high water mark for the northern campaign.

The Bavarians
The Bavarian infantry are two brigades of the 20th Division. Led by General von Wrede they distinguished themselves at the second Battle of Polotsk. The Chevauxleger in the background are the corps cavalry. This leaves von Siebein’s 19th Division and one brigade of the 20th to do.

The question: is it worth painting an additional 26 elements of Bavarians knowing that all the regiments were nearly half strength by the second Battle of Polotsk. The reduction in strength was not through battle, but units were parceled out to protect the line of communication and assist Macdonald with the siege of Riga.

The campaign
I have sufficient information to construct a map for the northern campaign. Although the line from the Nieman River to Vitebsk was “linear”, the map should have a sufficient number of “nodes” to allow flanking maneuver, a line of communication with Riga and St. Petersburg.

Map movement will also be influenced by events taking place between the main French and Russian armies. More later.

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Gonsalvo zei

Nice job on the bases!

Timurilank zei

Thanks. I do like the mottled ground effect than a solid blanket of green.


Phil zei

Very nice looking Bavarians and Russians!