zondag 6 januari 2013

SYW Prussians and Austrians

Since my last post, I have been busy re-making my terrain features for DBA and DBA-HX use. The latest, Dry terrain can be seen at my other blog with Moghul Indians and Ottomans crawling over two double size boards.

The Prussians
I decided to take a further step and photograph samples of the completed Prussian and Austrian armies on the new Arable terrain.

The trees in the background are from the Busch large pack of 25 trees. These are smaller and shaped better to fit four or five trees to a base. I also shortened the trunk by 10 – 15mm bringing the cluster closer to the ground.

Displayed are one-fifth of all the Prussians, but you can see a number of elements with regimental colours. This will ease identification of brigades within a command for either horse or foot. All general officers are based as per their type with the exception of the CinC who is based on a 40 x 40mm square. All have Leibfahne or colonel’s colour to distinguish them from standard horse or foot types.   

The Austrians
Like their blue-coated opponents, the Austrians are just as diverse a collection of types. Grenzers fill the village in the foreground and the boggy area on the opposite flank. Cuirassiers (Kn) and Dragoons (Cv) cover the flank, while German and Hungarian infantry are deployed in two lines with battalion guns interspersed. The larger 12 pounders (Cn) are deployed in battery on the hill.

The Austrians shown here represent only one-sixth of the total collection.  Both Prussians and Austrians will be organized after a historical order of battle, which will mean some minor uniform distinctions will need to be added. In the meantime, we will enjoy playing a few large size battles this month. 


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fireymonkeyboy zei

Looking forward to the games!

Fritz II. zei

Looks very good. You must posses a large collection if there are only a fifth of your figures shown. That´s cool.