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Höchstädt, the 20th of September

According to the plan set by Maréchal Villars, D’Usson would attack the Imperial forces from the rear while the main French forces would engage the Imperialist front. Time of deployment was set for the early morning and D’Usson would march to the sound of the guns.

By mid-morning (10.00 hrs.) the air remained silent, so D’Usson moved the entire line further forward. It was at this moment, as foragers were returning to the Imperialist camp that the French were sighted moving out of Höchstädt. The alarm was sounded.

The Imperial forces expecting Villars and the Elector were surprised by French forces moving behind their position, yet with no sign of Villars or the Elector, Count Styrum ordered an about face, the reserve line would now became the main battle line.

As the distance closed, Count Styrum noted how few the French were in number so both lines were pushed forward to take out this secondary threat before the expected arrival of main French army.

By 11.00 hrs., both sides were now locked in battle.   

Photo one shows the entire battlefield for this game. Austrian-Prussian camp is to the north of the River Nebel. At the start of battle, Austrian-Prussian deployment is behind the red line mid photo. French deploy behind the red line at bottom of photo.

Photo two, the initial deployment.

Photo three (11.45 hrs.) is the completion of bound three. The French have lined the banks of the river determined to hold their ground. The Austrians have extended their battle line with cavalry on the flanks. Prussians in support are sorting their formation.

Photo four, the Austrians had the better exchange of musket fire, such that the French fell back a short distance out of range. The subsequent bound (12.15 hrs.) the entire French line formed further back forcing the Austrians to cross.

Photo five, with no other choice than to form column to cross, the Austrian infantry failed twice in the face of French musketry. The salvation for Austrian hopes came with the cavalry turning both flanks and in several bounds of fighting brought the French to breaking point (3-1). Austrian cavalry would pursue a demoralised French force back to Höchstädt. It was at this moment (13.00 hrs.) , word came that Maréchal Villars was approaching the village of Wolperstetten. That meant the camp with supply train were now in jeopardy. 

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