zondag 11 november 2012

War of the Spanish Succession

It has been over a year since I posted my last article covering this project. In late August 2011, I began re basing an entire collection of Essex Spanish Succession figures that served as a French SYW army over to the DBA system, so in essence back to their proper era. I must say, that is a project I am not looking to repeating again.

During that time, the project “Re-building a French SYW Army”, has been a regular feature at the blog and at Fanaticus. That project is now complete with the entire French SYW collection replaced with Old Glory 15s figures. The re-basing of Essex figures has taken a step closer to completion. As of today,  19 DBA sized armies have been flocked and completed and number 20 will be done this coming week.

The proposed DBA 3.0 has brought on a flurry of new terrain items and refurbishing of old items, so a Spanish Succession big battle is certainly in the planning shortly.

The photos show the status as of today. Only ten elements are needed to finish this completely.

Photo one.

Photo two.

Photo three.

Photo four.

The next post will cover the sub-division into various armies and some useful resources for anyone wishing to delve into this period.


3 opmerkingen:

Phil zei

A very nice army! Well done...

Ray Rousell zei

As Phil says a very nice looking army! Can't wait to see the flags.

Timurilank zei

Phil and Ray,

Thanks for the kind words. I shall start on the flags this week.