woensdag 17 oktober 2012


Since my last post here, I have been play testing the DBA 3.0 and painting 12 DBA Late Medieval armies. I have thoroughly enjoyed the new version , but see no need to replace the 2.2 version we use currently for our Horse and Musket period games.

There are however, some useful changes that I have adapted for use here, namely the terrain features. In the past two months, I have replaced most of my terrain pieces to a DBA standard. I saved quite a bit of space by doing so. 

Build up areas (BUA) are now four different types; City, Castle/Fort, Village/Hamlet and Edifice. The last two are interesting in that they are classed as “Rough Ground” and no longer the mini fortresses as before.  

New, and that is the purpose of the post are ploughland. My previous attempts at fields served well, but during the past two months I thought I had better start anew.


The material is the same used for roads, rivers and gentle hills (vinyl floor covering) but cut to a rectangular shape. I chose two sizes (4 x 5 BW and 3 x 6 BW) and slopped the edges by cutting with a pair of scissors.

Painting the entire surface a mid-brown I let this dry well before dry brushing lightly with a beige colour. I decided to scale back the appearance and make three smaller fields on each ploughland feature. Between the furrows and tracks you can see the original ground colour and all that was needed were different grass.

The photo shows an interim step, as I will wait a half day before applying a thin wash of pale and mid-green to a few of the small fields.


The DBA 3.0 version allows for a number of ploughland to be placed for Arable terrain. Under normal conditions these features serve to beautify the game board, unless the first die roll of the game is 1. Then ploughland become muddy and will only delay movement.

4 opmerkingen:

fireymonkeyboy zei

Cool, I like these, especially the modular design.

Timurilank zei

At the moment, I am making more pieces and adding pastures. Then I shall add a wash of pale green to add some diversity.

Thanks for the kind words.

Pablo J. Álvarez zei

Very interesting game table, and well done. Congatulations

Timurilank zei

Pablo, thank you. It will look far better when we field a big battle game. Three times the number of figures and much more terrain.