dinsdag 1 mei 2012

Banners, bugles and drum roll - more SYW French

We have a long weekend holiday celebrating the Queen’s birthday, so it is rather peaceful in the area; a perfect time to paint – flags. From photo number one, I not only painted the necessary flags for the new brigades, but completed the flags for the brigades that have yet to be ordered. Nice.

I like a slightly oversized flag and these measure 22mm x 25mm which gives me a bit more room for checkered borders and other designs. Photo two show the Cuirassier du Roi and Bercheny Hussars. In most armies, the Hussars did not carry their standards in battle, but based on the number of those captured by the enemy, I would imagine the French did. So I have Bercheny with a model similar to Polleresky but with a different field colour.  

The flags of the Grenadiers du Roi and Grenadiers Royaux  de Solar are heavily embroidered with fleur-de-lys. These demand a monk’s patience to do, row upon row.  The converged grenadiers in the background did not carry a flag as these were ad hoc units. I have grouped them by facing colours; red, scarlett, dark blue and mid-blue.

Seven flags are over which mean seven brigades are yet to be ordered. These are the Navarre Brigade (4 bns), La Marine Brigade (4 bns), Belzunce Brigade (4 bns), Mailly Brigade (4 bns), Du Roi Brigade (4 bns) and two other brigades of mixed composition.  

Just two packs of infantry and one of artillery and this army will be complete. Next step, the opposition, the Allied army under Cumberland. There were no British present, but Hanoverians, Brunswick and Hessians.


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