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SYW French - General Review

As promised, I have photos of my SYW French for the German campaigns. The army is about 2/3rds done and during my last three postings you could read which regiments are now represented for both infantry and cavalry, so I shall not duplicate that here.

Right wing Cavalry
Colonel Général Brigade
Colonel Général – 2 elements

Bourgogne Brigade

Right wing Dragoons
Brigade of Dragoons
Colonel Général Dragoons – 2 elements
Mestre de Camp Général Dragoons – 2 elements
Orléans Dragoons – 2 elements

Right wing overview

Right wing Infantry
Picardie Brigade – 4 elements
Champagne Brigade – 4 elements

second row,
La Couronne Brigade
La Couronne – 2 elements
Conty (2 bns) - 2 elements

Center - Foreign troops
Alsace Brigade
Alsace – 3 elements
Saint-Germain- 1 element

second row
Royal-Suédois Brigade
Royal Suédois- 2 elements
Royal Bavière - 2 elements

in column, the Swiss Brigade
Reding - 2 elements
Salis de Mayenfeld - 2 elements

Maréchal d'Estrées saluting the Swiss

Light troops
the light troops, each of two elements

Volontaires du Hainaut
Volontaires de Flandre
Volontaires de l'armée

Left wing Infantry
Eu Brigade under the Comte de Lorge
Eu – 2 elements
Enghien – 2 elements

second row
Orléans Brigade
Orléans – 2 elements
Chartres – 2 elements

in column on road
Vaubécourt Brigade
Vaubécourt – 2 elements
Condé – 2 elements

Left wing Cavalry
Royal Cravate Brigade
Royal Cravate
Royal-Pologne Brigade

du Roy Brigade
du Roy

in column on road, Cavalry Reserve
Royal-Carabiniers Brigade Maisne
Royal-Carabiniers Brigade Saint-George
Royal-Carabiniers Brigade Rosen

More white!
Essentially all that I lack are more French line (the old regiments), an Imperial Reichsarmee contingent, Austrians (2 bns) more French heavy cavalry and guns. With eleven generals, I think I may have enough for the moment.

The photos show them in their formation relative to the Battle of Hastenbeck; cavalry right wing, infantry right wing, center and infantry and cavalry of the left wing. The generals of wings and first and second battle line are recognizable by their “white” or colonel’s flag. This is purely symbolic and are easily distinguished from other elements. Other players use round bases for their command elements, but I prefer this method.

The elements pictured are grouped by brigades of which only the senior regiment carry their flag. The base underside is also labeled to help maintain command integrity.

General’s characteristics.
In previous postings I mentioned we use the DBA-HX system but made some additions to the area of command and characteristic of the generals. The latter is from the WRG 1685-1845 rule set which has a player dice for a general’s characteristic, which can be either Bold, Cautious or Rash. There is sufficient information on the internet and Savory does an excellent job as well, that we can class the principle leaders for Hastenbeck. Their classification also has an influence in determining when a command reaches demoralization, so Bold, Cautious or Rash will add or deduct element(s) needed to reach that total.

More later, but for now it is back to the paint brush.

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