dinsdag 27 maart 2012

SYW – French Cavalry

I am near completion of my French cavalry for 1757. I lack only the lining and highlights for the last 36 figures and these can be varnished. I have painted, SYW British, Prussian and Austrians, but the French were the most complex; not difficult to paint, but complex regarding the proper uniform with its lacing, livery for the musicians, etc.

The last time a French King took to the field was during the War of the Austrian Succession (Battle of Fontenoy) which meant the Maison du Roi were present to guard the royal person.

Aside from the household cavalry and the Gendarmerie, came the heavy cavalry which comprised of the Royal regiments, Prince de sang regiments, Gentlemen regiments, German, Irish and other foreign regiments, numbering 70.

The Royal and Princely regiments remained fairly consistent until the reforms of 1762, while the remaining 45 regiments were subject to changes reflecting the appointment of a new “chef” or colonel. In addition to the entitlements, a member of the noble families could impose new patterns, trimming or banners.

My first SYW French army were based on which had the prettier flags, however, this time I focused on a historical order of battle, Hastenbeck.

The complete order of battle can be found at Kronoskaf.com, but here I will list the cavalry regiments currently completed or nearly completed.

Uniforms for the heavy cavalry could have coats of red, blue or white/iron grey. After 1762, the majority of cavalry regiments were clothed in blue uniforms.

Colonel Général Brigade
Colonel Général (3 sqns)
Clermont-Tonnerre (2 sqns)

Bourgogne Brigade
Bourgogne (2 sqns)
Bourbon-Busset (2 sqns)

Royal Cravate Brigade
Royal Cravate (2 sqns)
Noailles (2 sqns)
Charost (2 sqns)

Royal-Pologne Brigade
Royal-Pologne (2 sqns)
Harcourt (2 sqns)
Henrichemont (2 sqns)

du Roy Brigade
du Roy (2 sqns)
Rochefoucauld-Langeac (2 sqns)
Condé (2 sqns)

Cavalry Reserve under the Marquis de Poyanne
Royal-Carabiniers Brigade Maisne (2 sqns)
Royal-Carabiniers Brigade Saint-George (2 sqns)
Royal-Carabiniers Brigade Rosen (2 sqns)

Colonel Général Dragons (4 sqns)
Mestre de Camp Général Dragons (4 sqns)
Orléans Dragons (4 sqns)

Bercheny Hussards (4 sqns)
Polleresky Hussards (4 sqns)

All regiments listed as having 2 squadrons are represented as one element and those with 4 squadrons, two elements. Senior cavalry regiments are listed first within each brigade and these will carry standards for ease of recognition.

After varnishing the last batch, these will be based and readied for flocking. The cavalry, dragoon and hussar standards I shall do at the end of next week along with the infantry flags, so I should have 72 elements done before Easter.


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Emilio zei

Awesome! I love SYW cavalry. I like the facings, the lace, the colours, the tricorns...

Emilio zei

Bytheway, have you seen my dragoons?


Timurilank zei

I believe the best period for an array of colour was during the Austrian War of Succession. The King took to the field was had the Household Guard with him.


Timurilank zei

Excellent painting and attention to the shabraque and housing trimming.

Well done.

Vasiliy Levashov zei

The French cavalry ... Excellent choice. I hope you have the expected result will be surpassed by you :)

Timurilank zei

Hello Vasiliy,

Despite what rules writers may think about the French, they did have their moments in the "sun".

France had a good number of capable generals. My advantage is not have "King Louis" dictating my every move, so yes, I do have high expectations for them.