dinsdag 16 maart 2010

Another SYW Austrian regiment: Pallavicini

Austrian infantry regiment Pallavicini (IR 15) was just recently added to my SYW Austrians. Raised in 1740, by Inhaber Lt. Gen. Gian-Luca Pallavicini (Genoa), they served well during the Italian campaign. Despite the Austrians being bested by the combined Spanish and Neapolitan army they particularly distinguished themselves at Velletri,. At the Battle of Madonna dell'Olmo, they made up part of the reserve formations.

During the start of the Bohemian campaign of 1757, both battalions were part of Koningsegg’s army facing Bevern’s Prussian. Both battalions served at the Battle of Reichenberg and the following month found themselves in the first line at the Battle of Prague. The defense of Dresden (1760) added further laurel’s to their war record.

4 opmerkingen:

Der Alte Fritz zei

I like the old style flags. Did you hand paint them or were you able to find preprinted flags.

Capt Bill zei

I agree the flags are great, the troops are pretty nice too!!!

Timurilank zei

These were hand painted in the same format as all my SYW flags; slightly oversized. For 15mm my flags are 22 mm x 50 mm, then folded. Some gamers recommend using a printer but set with a grey scale. Then colouring the flag with acrylics.

The flames were different as these were pointed inward. In the Rochling painting, I do like the yellow ochre field with red and white chequerboard border. I just may do the flag for a later regiment.


Timurilank zei

Thank you Capt. Bill.