zondag 14 juni 2009

The finished camp

The general’s tents or marquees, were quite fiddly. I wanted an oval shaped tent, slightly larger than two standard wedge tents. After a few test pieces, I reached the final model. This is one half of the general’s area, as the base in front of the tent, would have tables, drums, flags, and sentries. Creating duplicates of this base with different figures and flags, you could interchange the nationality of the entire camp; quite flexible.

This final project used every excess Austrian 15mm from my OG purchases. Sadly, all excess Prussian and French have found other employment, so only the British, with extra drummers and bagpipers, ensigns are scheduled as a “next” project. No doubt with Savory on the way, I shall be further inspired.

The extras

About the camp, are standing horses on their lines. These were from Battle Honours and meant to be artillery horses for the battalion guns. The rest are bits and pieces, collected and based on the standard 30 x 60 base and placed as spacers between tents to serve as fillers. These are extra carts, stockpiles of boxes, firewood, etc.

Building the tents became easy that I decided to make enough for three brigades; two for the infantry and one of cavalry. The Light brigade (Grenzers) being a rough and ready group, would make do in fields, woods, etc. Future expansion of field fortifications and abatis, I will add a number of lean-to for my Grenzers.

Final thoughts

While completing this project, the thought stuck me. Comparing the space for battlefield deployment, one needs far less space for an encampment. However, some camps could, out of necessity be spread out to take advantage of natural obstacles or difficult ground.

It was a worthwhile project and look forward to using this frequently.

Stay tuned!