donderdag 19 november 2009

Imperial Austrian Army (Frontier service)

FzM Graf von Collorado

Major General Freiherr von Beck
GHR Karlstädter Gz. Hussars 5 sqds
GHR Slavonische Gz. Hussars 5 sqds
GIR 64 Warasdiner Creuzer 1 bn
GIR 68 Slavo.-Peterwardeiner 1 bn

Fml. von Puebla
Brigade of Infantry
IR 27 Baden Durlach 1 bn
IR 37 Joseph Esterházy (Hun.) 2 bns
IR 51 Guylai (Hun.) 2 bns

Fml. Graf zu Wied
Brigade of Infantry
IR 29 Alt-Wolfenbüttel 1 bn
GIR 60 Karlstädter Liccaner 1 bn
GIR 63 Karlstädter Oguliner 1 bn

Fml. Graf zu O’Donnell
Brigade of Cavalry
DR 26 Althann 3 sqds
DR 28 Sachsen-Gotha 2 sqds
DR 31 Löwenstein 2 sqds
Artillerie: Batterie 6 lbers

Fml. Freiherr von Wollwarth
Brigade of Cavalry
CR 8 Pálffy 3 sqds
CR 21 Trautmansdorff 1sqds + 2 sqds

Fml. Marquis de Spada
Brigade of Cavalry
CR 29 Brettlach 3 sqds
CR 33 Anspach 3 sqds

Fml. Graf von Arenberg
Brigade of Infantry
IR 43 Platz 2 bns
IR 54 Sincere 2 bns

Fml. Graf Plettenberg
Independent Formations
Plettenberg Grenadier Bn. 1 bn
Georgi Grenadier Bn. 1 bn
Mounted Grenadiers 1 sqd
Carabineers 1 sqd
Artillerie: Batterie 6 lbers.

Total strength: 9,600 infantry, 3,400 cavalry, 16 guns
Total nr units: 16 battalions, 26 squadrons, 16 guns

Those units in Italics when ordered and painted will complete this order of battle. As you can read, completion is not far off and one final order would do it.

The original composition was meant to offer a nice balance of light troops for le petite guerre. However, as our campaign commenced, I thought it prudent to add more weight to the list by adding Cuirassiers, Grenadiers and more German Line. As we move toward the third phase of the Campaign in Bohemia, the events after the battle of Kolin will require need of these troop types.

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David zei

Nice - love those grenadiers! Shades of Hochkirch and one in the eye for Old Fritz! :-)



Timurilank zei

Hi David...Old Glory were able to repack a bag of grenadiers so I could have 50% each German and Hungarian. Now, every line battalion has a grenadier company. Very nice people.