dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Our campaign

Our campaign follows the thirteen week period, but unlike most campaigns, we shall not duplicate Prague nor Kolin, but focus on the lesser known activity which certainly evolved during the campaign. The campaign has been split into three phases; Bevern’s opening moves against Konigseck, the raid counter raid between screening forces following the Battle of Prague and ending with the victory at Kolin, and finally, the Prussian retreat back to Saxony.

The game design will offer both parties variable objectives with the historical time frame. Here, I would draw the reader’s attention to the campaign overview, first phase. The initial invasion started with the furthest flanking columns and two days later, the interior two columns started their march on Prague.

Campaign Tools

To track our movement on a daily basis, a movement record sheet was set up to note our marches, encampments and rest periods. Briefly, we allowed both forces three consecutive march moves followed by a day of rest. The system is flexible to allow force marches, two consecutive moves, but must be followed by a rest period. Night moves are also possible, but more of this will be easier to follow during the course of the campaign. You can see from our map, we use the DBA node system to simplify our movement.

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