donderdag 7 september 2023

The campaign in Denmark 1658

Using the conflict between Denmark and Sweden of 1658, the twelve scenarios were given another test. This time, armies will be of similar composition of cavalry, infantry and artillery. Sweden began the campaign as the invader and marched through the arable region of Jutland during the summer of that year. Sunrise at 0400 hours would give Sweden ample opportunity to locate Danish forces and bring the main army to battle. 

This time, the tests were played in a random order making for an interesting narrative. During the month of June, the Danes resorted to a number of small cavalry actions, however, the frequency of which took a heavy toll on that mounted arm. 

During July, the difference between accumulated scores was as the ‘writing on the wall’ and Denmark would be forced to do battle. Seeking a suitable position near Roskilde, the battle was fought between armies of equal size and to make up for the heavy Danish losses, many conscripts and militia were brought to bring up the army’s numbers. 

Beginning mid-morning, the Battle near Roskilde lasted until the approach of dusk with both Danish flanks succumbing to Swedish attacks. The remnant of the Danish army was saved by the infantry of the centre, they covered the retreat. The total losses incurred during the brief campaign forced the Danes to seek the nearby protection of various fortresses and await the inevitable siege.

Following the completion of the campaign, a rewrite of the scenarios was in order. Objectives are now clearer; points have been adjusted for a few and the conditions for battle have been changed, increasing their possibility. Both campaigns were fought in either forest or the arable regions of northern Germany and Poland. Further research into the war, naval operations around Swedish Pommern did take place. Considering this, adding littoral to the list of regions would make naval operations possible and bring an opportunity to fight the last half of the Eighty Years War in the United Provinces. New project..

Swedish Pommern

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