dinsdag 29 november 2011

The Rising – 15mm Jacobites – ready for mayhem

With a number of rebasing projects and construction of native villages for DBA use, I had no time to photograph the Jacobites. The extra elements allow for variation, such as skirmishers (Ps) for the dense firelock formations (Sh) and two Pike or Blade elements to field for the earlier conflict against the red coats.

The mounted commander for the Scots I substituted one with cloak and long coat. The tricorne was replaced with a feathered bonnet.

There is plenty of information on the web for flags and what I selected will do well for the leader figure and a few for the clans. The flags are slightly oversized (18mm x 18mm) as this will give me enough area to paint and suggest details. With all my banners and flags, I prefer to fix the brass rod to the base and not to a standard bearer. In this case, several standard bearers served as pike.

All that is missing is a suitable camp for the Scots.


3 opmerkingen:

Ray Rousell zei

Great looking Scots!!

A lifetime student zei

But can they fight?

Beauty Tips zei

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