donderdag 13 oktober 2011

SYW British and Civilians.

As I have less time to spend gaming with large armies, I have been rebasing some of the larger SYW collections for DBA-HX (Humberside extension) use. Within an hour or hour and a half, I can resolve a large battle which normally took twice as long and did not reach a conclusion. This will suit the quick resolution of campaigns that I like to do.

The photos show only a partial conversion of British and Civilians to the new base size. The entire collection of British is large enough for three commands, but I will repaint two of these to represent Hannover, Brunswick and other “red coated” auxiliaries that served with Her Britannic Majesty’s army in Germany.
I shall add an extra command to represent Hessen Cassel as I already have standards for them.

The civilians were used during our Invasion of Britain game and will certainly be used again for a replay of that scenario. Their numbers will double in size and will include mobile transport in the way of carts and carriages. As civilians, they will prove useful for scenarios involving rebellions. This is the first time I have used the clumps of grass (Heki) and I must say, these really look great, especially for skirmishers which have ample spacing between figures.


3 opmerkingen:

Ray Rousell zei

Great looking troops!

Paul´s Bods zei

That made me jump!! I opened both of your blogs at the same time and saw the two armies on the same background :-D
Very nice SYW army..but the 17th cent Polish army is my favourite

Timurilank zei

Cheers Ray.


For these photo session I do seem to have a shortage of background decor. Another project perhaps.