maandag 5 september 2011

WSS flags – part one

There are a number of useful websites which have flags and standards for the WSS. These are:

Vexillologie militaire européenne

La Galerie de Royalfig

Praetiriti Fides, Exemplumque Futuri


Venexia Miniatures (France and Savoy)

Additional information can be gleaned from bloggers covering the Spanish Succession.

Readers of the 18th Century Sojourn will have noticed I do not use standard bearers, but fix flags and standards to the base. This method avoids the breakage experienced with flag poles bending and finally breaking.

From the next photo, you will see bending a length to create a “foot” is an easier option than drilling through the base. Covered with sand and flocking, the “foot” is not that noticeable.

I use brass wire for my flag poles. These are 35mm in length and allowing an extra 15mm for the “foot” I can bend these.

After filing a point I can now glue the pole to its base and paint. What colour were the flag poles? I have not found much documentation, but have followed the paintins of the period. For my next post, I will describe the actual painting of the flags.


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Good common sense approach, and I am glad to see someone has it. Somewhere.

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