zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

WSS - A very large work in progress

I have recently purchases a new digital camera and this one will take some time to adjust to, especially when using artificial lighting.

Displayed on the table are 5 DBA sized armies whose bases need painting. I usually thin the paint mixture. After this dries I can lighten the effect by dry brushing with GW Bleached Bone followed with a bit of Skull White. You can see from the next photo, the box contains another 5 armies ready for flocking. I have another 10 at similar stages of completion.

Bases need painting.

These need flocking

Typical WSS DBA-HX army

From the DBA-HX lists, a typical command has Musketeers, Guard or grenadiers, artillery and assorted cavalry giving a ratio three foot per one cavalry element. Uniforms were easily found on the Internet; several manufactures offer painting guides, several bloggers have also posted more information and lastly the Vinkhuijzen Collection (link to the right) covers the majority of the combatants rather well. Considering the DBA scale, most of the elements could represent infantry battalions and mounted elements, a full strength regiment.

White and grey uniforms were worn by the majority of the combatants. Bavaria stood out in blue, the British of course in red, but then so did the Swiss, Danes, Hannover and Savoy wear red. There are some peculiar units, Austrians and Bavarians have cuirassiers with lobster pot helm, grenadiers for the most part wore either the bearskin or smaller miter hat. The best means to separate similarly uniformed armies is by their flags. As I near completion of this project, I should have at least four flags and standards per command.

At the moment, the Bavarians and British are closer toward completion. This coming week, I should be able to start on the flags.


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mekelnborg zei

But how big are the figures?

Timurilank zei

These are 15mm Essex; foot are placed on 40mm x 20 bases, horse, 40mm x 30mm and artillery, 40mm x 40mm.

I am still bebating if Generals should be independently bases (round bases), which seems to be the fashion for horse and musket or based with their appropriate escort.


mekelnborg zei

Well whatever the fashion, it seems the polls reveal only fifty active people for each famous ruleset at most, and maybe ten, or four, so what seems fashionable doesn't matter.

Besides that your own decision could end up becoming the next fashion. Those who started the round base thing did the same, and only to tell which mounted fig was a cavalry squadron versus a general more easily, as if the uniform wasn't enough for somebody.

The particular rules and the scale you're using might matter, so in DBA proper I understood they have a way of including The General as a part of a certain element, so if you buck that trend it's a house rule, and only a problem with an unknown dude at a tournament somewhere not accepting it, if you ever got in that situation.

Timurilank zei


Good points and I have thought long and hard about this.

It is correct that I use DBA, but we play the big battle option with three or more commands a side. To distinquish further the General from his subordinates, I just may compromise and have only the CinC placed on a circular base and others with their "escorts".